North Langley Family Dental



Dawn graduated in 2014 as a Certified Dental Assistant. Dawn has a passion for dentistry, she finds it very fulfilling to provide a service that can be life altering and in a very positive way.
Patient care and comfort is a top concern of her and she strives for excellence while in the office every day.


Taeya was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Taeya graduated college in 2002 with a major in Dental Hygiene. Taeya worked in Korea as a Dental Hygienist for 5 years prior to coming to Canada. She came to Canada, enrolled in a Certified Dental Assistant course, and graduated in 2009. She has been working in dentistry for nearly 20 years


Bri graduated as a certified dental assistant in 2010. She has always had a passion for teeth and helping people and that’s when she knew that becoming a dental assistant was the perfect fit! She loves being outdoors and you will often find her on a jog, boating or even snowmobiling with her husband and three kids.


Corinne was born in Edmonton, but grew up in the Lower Mainland. She graduated from Vancouver Community College in 2000 as a Certified Dental Assistant. She loves interacting with patients and making them feel at ease, making the patients experience as comfortable as possible

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